Just redesigned my website and sign up page

Let me know what y’all think! My site helps you register LLC & Nonprofits with ease. even if you don’t need the service it would be appreciated if you could go through the sign up flow and give feedback— https://wowagent.xyz

I’ve been working on it a lot, including spending $200 on IconScout and $89 on a screen recorder for the About page ;-;

Sign up is at https://public.wowagent.xyz and dashboard is at https://auth.wowagent.xyz but everything is put together if you visit from just https://wowagent.xyz


Wow, the website is really cool! The “public.wowagent.xyz” website would be best if it looked like the auth page (my opinion), and the “about” page looks a little cluttered. Plus, a little detail is that it would be even better if you replaced the Octauthent favicon on the “auth” page to your own.

The pricing page is great, same for funding and contact. Is the code available on Glitch?

PS: screen recorder is screen studio?

Hey thanks! Yes i’ve been spending much time on public.wowagent.xyz, but it’s difficult for me to replicate the look because the Login page is 1) provided by Octauthent so that’s their own design and 2) It’s too simple for a sign up page that involves a few different dynamic assets

As far as the code of the dashboard, that’s private, but there’s not much to it besides user authentication and other fun stuff. Let me know how the sign up flow is if you ever reach that part

Thanks again for the feedback!

Ps: Yes, screen studio is what i used :slight_smile:

Cool! I was talking about the code of the pages, not the dashboard. And when trying to login I am getting this error:

Ah gotcha. Yeah it’s not on the roadmap for me to open source it but of course you can view the page source in your browser.

As far as your signup attempt, I see you’re trying to register with tr11. Looks like I haven’t actually added the front end validation for this yet, but please try at least 6 characters for a username. 8 chars for password. Gonna fix this asap.

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hi @tiagorangel2011, just fixed this and added some more wordage around how your username and password should be setup. please complete your sign up now and let me know how the onboarding process is :smiley: Account | WowAgent

nice website! after all you did to record that video, it’s displayed in such a narrow spot ):

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hi, yes! still working on where to display the video and of course i’ll be using the tool for more screen recordings in the future.

if you’re inclined to watch the full video to see how the service works, it’s on youtube: How the dashboard works | WowAgent - YouTube

thanks for the feedback! if you do get a chance please try signing up and let me know how the login flow is. i can delete your account/data upon request.

this looks like the screen recorder doesn’t use the original mouse movements and regenerates the cursor movement. that’s pretty interesting

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yes, it’s a great piece of software and actually you can customize the cursor size, look, etc. recommend checking it out if you’re a tech nerd like me

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I’ve heard of it a lot, but unfortunately it’s not available for Windows :slightly_frowning_face:

Bumping this as I need more feedback for my site!

Looks nice :+1:

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