Kaithi script thing

I was doing a reasearch and found out of this script called kaithi that many scripts in the Indian area (where i came) originated from. Its at http://mayank1234cmd-kaithi.glitch.me/. There is the lotus, heart, and lalavistara sutra. If you have trouble seeing the characters then it’s an encoding issue, worked for me on chromeOS and windows (not the title on windows)


I wish I could read this language - it looks beautiful

Thanks! I added the writing system at http://mayank1234cmd-kaithi.glitch.me/text.html but more detailed info is at https://omniglot.com/writing/kaithi.htm

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Oof, your “from ominglot” seems to be a broken link

I fixed it, i forgot to add the https

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