Keep a Glitch project in sync with a public GitHub repo without giving Fog Creek everything on GitHub?


Here’s the situation:
I have a project in a public GitHub repo.
I want a glitch project to always use the latest version of the code in that GitHub repo.
Glitch wants access to everything I can access on GitHub, which I can’t allow for legal reasons.

How do I keep a Glitch project in sync with a public GitHub project without giving Glitch GitHub access to everything?

I know that I can create a Glitch project using but I don’t see a way to update the Glitch project from the GitHub repo when there are changes.


Make a new github account that only has access to the public repo


We don’t support syncing at the moment. The import and export capabilities are just a one-time push/pull to or from GitHub. You can use git to push and pull the code too from the Glitch console (available under Advanced options from the top left project info menu) which doesn’t require permissions in Glitch. Syncing is something we want to support going forward. For now, you have to get creative with GitHub webhooks to add such a capability to your projects, which sounds like it’s unlikely to be suitable for your use-case.

Auto-update Glitch code on new GitHub commits

Ok, I can use the command line for now. Thanks for the reply!