Keep getting cannot find module

Hello everyone, hope everyones having an awsome day, im currently trying to add music to my discord bot but i keep getting the cannot find module. Im not very good at explaining so ill let the pics explain belowCapture

Have you added discord-music-bot to your package.json file? All required modules need to be listed in the dependencies field in the package.json file. You can add new modules to the list by searching for the module name in the npm search box at the top of the package.json file in the editor, like so:

Yes i did and thats why im confused

DM me a project join link and I can take a look. Thanks.

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ill send it in a sec, btw i completely took everything out that was related to the music so there not much i can test with at the moment

There were a few little issues: watch.json was named watch.js so wasn’t being used. Your project name can’t contain a space in package.json, so I updated that. The version of node wasn’t specified correctly it just had 8 but needs to be in the format of 8.x or a specific version number otherwise it just uses the default version.

The module not found error is no longer produced. However, music.js isn’t being loaded correctly right now as it looks like it’s missing some of the required export code. But I imagine you can fix that up. Let me know if you have any other problems.