Keep stat bars in original logs area - for "glancability" and less "panel clutter"

I originally had this feedback as a reply to the post about the new “stats” panel. @cori advised me to move it here, so here it is:

It would be cool if there were still the 3 simple little status bar things next to the console button (as well as, perhaps more detailed stats in the dedicated panel). It’s nice to be able to keep an eye on the stats as I’m watching the logs, and having a whole separate panel open just takes up a whole lot of extra screen space and makes it hard to keep an eye on things when I’m debugging stuff. The previous approach was nice and compact and easy to glance at. Just my opinion though! Maybe there are good reasons to not have those 3 little bars there.


Thanks for posting a separate topic, @joe! I moved it to Feature Ideas so folks can vote on it.

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Just chiming in again to say that it’s still annoying to me to have to open another panel for the CPU/RAM stuff. Whenever it says “WARN” I don’t know which resource it is, so I have to click it to open the panel and then scroll down and then click again to close it. It was definitely better before when you could just glance at the 3 neat little bars.

I think the Glitch team’s motivation might have been to not scare newbies with lots of data (I could be wrong on this), but it seems like newbies are the ones that need this data the most, because they’re the ones most likely to have memory leaks, accidental infinite loops, etc. etc.

Please please please go back to the old design of the 3 little status bars! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Joe, I will share it with the team.

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