Keeps saying "Resolving..."

It keeps saying “Resolving: total 521, reused 521, downloaded 0” in logs

I don’t want to remix my project because it’s private. (can’t remix tho) :confused:

Can anyone help me?

I tried to update quick.db so it started to show error so i wanted to return back, one thing led to another.

Is there a way to fix it with terminal? What do i need to enter?

I think there’s nothing you need to do

It doesn’t finish, i want to cancel it even if i force it, that’s why i open this thread

Try clicking “:bomb: Clear” or selecting “Debugger” to see what it says

this looks like either:

  1. the package manager is broken; or
  2. the project’s start script or install script runs refresh

package manager broken

to diagnose:
run the npm/pnpm install (whichever one you have configured) command with more verbose logging

to resolve:
not sure, but probably try the other one of npm or pnpm.
depends on what the more verbose logging says, really

script runs refresh

to diagnose:
edit your package.json to have empty install script and "true" start script.
if the behavior no longer occurs, that’s consistent with this being the problem

to resolve:
somehow rewrite things not to run refresh