Kidz | Coding for Kids (Help Needed)

I’ve decided to start a project on Glitch that will be a child-friendly version of glitch.
On the website will be an editor, very similar to the glitch editor, however there will be the option to use block-based coding or standard coding.
Since it’s aimed at children, there will also be tutorials for basic coding.

Now, as this will not be a simple project, I’ll need a team of developers.
If anyone is interested in joining the development team, send me a message via the support forum.

Legal (COPPA)

Now, I’m well aware of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and other laws similar to COPPA in different countries, however most of these laws do state that if the child has parental permission, they may use your website.

If anyone has any questions, send me a message or reply to this post.
Thank’s to @TheBigC for the idea in this post.


I’d love to help! @Fionn

Can I please Help @Fionn.

Sure! Your github username? @lavacode

It is lavacode

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Check your Github and send me a DM

Ok sure @TheBigC . ill do that


It is a good idea! Awsome

how is it a year old Hello, the project isn’t being worked on any more. You can always make you own if you like.


Yes. I am doing my own one at


I also am working on one,

It doesnt work yet because i absolutely suck at Blockly’s API but I would be happy to help in any way I can! If you plan on allowing people to save their projects to a database to edit later, I would suggest using ReCaptcha which I can set up if you would like


I think glitch is kinda already kid friendly(sorry for the intrusion)

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Nice work. You should probably make your own website compared to using source and just changing some stuff. And COPPA laws are something to worry about, so you probably shouldn’t link to Stackoverflow or

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That’s my plan, if I did have to link to another site, I would make a page warning the user that they are leaving my site

Çocuklar için yapılan bütün etkinliklere kayılmak isterim :hugs:

I have also made my version:

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