Kidz V3/Beta Verison

Project URL:

This is the beta version of kidz
What Is Different
• Style look likes Aurora OS
• Very Simple and nice look
• Instead of pages it is apps


  1. use the editor in full screen
  2. The editor has a 30 second. delay before starting

NOTE: The beta version is experiencing some partial issues
stay up-to-date to issues at

Comment down of what you think of it

Ahhhhhh! I saw the rare dark mode loading screen again. Pity it disappeared before I could screenshot it.

Personally I don’t like it. The logo wallpaper looks pixely

Now all I see is the Kidz logo made ~50 times

Try out the editor !!

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To see the main menu press the menu icon

Hey @anon69241012, this is a bit off-topic!


nice idea but can be really improved in the UI and the “save” thing, and many others, but great for a BETA :smiley:


@anon69241012 a little bit off-topic there, but can you just not do that? And anyway we are all humans, and we makes mistakes, we aren’t perfect. (About the mistypo at Version)

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Sorry, I just see “Project Not Found” :crying_cat_face:

yea I am kind of discontinued it

no I didn’t rename it

sorry didn’t see your reply :smiley:

its okay :slight_smile: