"killall node" command not working!


Hello, I’m rather new to this sort of thing, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Main question: How do I get permission to use this? If there is a better way to kill the nodes please do explain. Thanks!

If you want to restart the server, you can use:


in the terminal. I think that using the command you are trying to use would shut down the whole of Glitch, not just your project! May I ask why you need to use this command?

I am attempting to create a server for a discord bot, it was working fine when I just started it, but after an edit I made today, the bot would reply twice. As I have stated before, I am new to this, so I looked up a way to fix and the most popular answer was to use:
killall node

I attempted to use the “restart” command the bot is still running twice. What should I do now?

You might not need permission to kill those processes, because (drumroll) you might not have wanted to kill those processes in the first place. Some infrastructural parts of a project container, such as the program that saves what you type from the editor, are themselves node processes. You can kill your bot’s process without extra permission.

And how would I go about doing that?

Try ps -A, and do kill pidnumber, you might be able to kill some node processes. It’ll say which failed and which succeeded, most lilely the ones you can kill belong to your program.

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