Kinda a noob question but

How are we supposed to get thanked for helping people when no one ever asks for help, and you can’t be thanked here? I’m trying to start coding a website but I need the domain and I can’t get that without being thanked twice …

Hi @vampymaria, this isn’t a noob question at all! I understand how this can be frustrating.

Actually other community members can thank you for work here as well as from helping on Glitch, or even just making cool stuff on Glitch. Helping others within Glitch is just the easiest way where we make it super easy for someone to thank you.

As far as finding people to help I think you’re just having bad luck with timing - in fact today was a fairly busy day with almost a dozen different people asking for help at one time or another. If you keep your eyes out I expect your patience will be rewarded. I also know that the folks at were looking for help in this project to get people started with setting up their domains. If you just can’t wait to get your custom domain working you can do so manually; there’s a tutorial covering that right here.

Good luck!

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