Klick Store - A app store for Windows 93

Project URL: https://klickstore.glitch.me/
Fast install: WINDOWS93

Klick Store is a app store made for Windows 93. For now, it is a static app but, in the future, I think I will transform it into a dynamic app with possibility for users to add others apps!

It does not even work.
https://win93-apps.glitch.me/klickstore/apps/app-id/install.js returns a 404 and also returns a CORS error.

app-id is not an app. You need to replace this by the id of the app you want to install.

I LOVE IT, is there a way to install windows 93 locally and use on a service like glitch or repl? @Stilic


No for now. I say the creator have made an GitHub repo but the version of Windows 93 for this repo is very old and blocked by DMCA.

To be honest, the windows93’s source code would have to be ripped and modified in other to achieve that. I would just download as MHTML, unpack the files and modify the source to remove redirects to the windows93 webpage.

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