Known Issue: Projects Taking Longer Than Expected to Load

Thank you for the reports of projects taking a long time to load. Our team is aware and working on a fix. You can track this issue on our Status Page.


Mines doesn’t even load at all. RIP…

Several of my projects are not loading. I don’t care about most of them but I am working on denim-utahceratops which I have to finish tomorrow. Please send help.

Project not loading at all.

Question - since the begining of this month Glitch has been unstable in numerous ways. Is this in anyway going to be rectified for good or do I need to find anouther platform? I LOVE Glitch and what you provide. I have been asling for PAID version for a long time and willing to pay. Sorry just a BIG concern since I do rely on Glitch projects for some small production projects.

None of my projects are loading either. I logged a new post for mine but wanted to report it here as well.

sooo any eta on when our projects will be back?

smh this is the second time in like 2 weeks smth like this has happened… any way to get the code so that i can host it somewhere else in the meantime?

We hear you! Yes it is true, that we have had more downtime than we would like in the last two weeks.

Our team is working hard to prevent this from happening in the future. Internally, we document and review incident response. Externally, we do our best to keep users informed via our Status Page and provide an incident summary when we feel there is useful information we can share with our community.

Making sure we can prevent outages/quickly resolve them is a focus before launching a paid version of the product.

I’m guessing" there is almost no “Project Container Availability” left (as seen in the status page), so there isn’t enough ram to open some projects. idrk though

soooo @tasha any progress?

@YoJames2019 we are continuing to work on a solution. Thanks for your patience!

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This issue should now be resolved. Thanks all!

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Ah ok I wonder if that explains the issue.

Mine is still not opening

Well the good news is most of the editors seem to work great for now on most of my sites, there is just that one.

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same… some open but the one I need the most is not opening and the project is offline

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Update: The issue seems to have resolved, at least on my end.

Thanks a bunch for the help!

I am trying to open my glitch project, and it doesn’t even load at all! I tried accessing the editor, and it also doesn’t want to load! Can someone please help me?