Lack of UX for limits on Remixes/New Projects for new Glitch accounts?

I made a new Glitch account today to start working, after making 5 glitches via remixes and creating new glitches, I hit some infinite loads so I assumed there was a browser issue with Chrome or my extensions, so I tried incognito tabs… still loaded forever making a new project. Tried Edge and Firefox, same issue there. Checked developer logs and saw a 422 error which suggested the server got the request but denied it. Left all three browsers loading and they seemed to just stay loading for over an hour.

EVENTUALLY after a few googles (the site being called Glitch didn’t help with error searches lol), I found this glitch support page which explained why I had infinite loads.

Could we please have some UX/user guidance on what is going on when this limit is reached on new accounts? It wasted hours of my time today and I would consider it bad UX to load forever when the site knows there is a reason why it isn’t loading.


I seem to get the error ‘cannot read properties of undefined (reading: ‘id’)’ when remixing or creating new projects and those projects never finish loading. Same actually happens with another newly created account I made today to see if it was the first account I made today.

Hey @ROBYER1 - you’re right, this is a really crappy experience and I apologize that our error messaging here is extremely vague. I found your support ticket on this and I’m going to message you there and update once I get this sorted out for you.

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