Lag between saved project and deployed project

During the development process I rename a lib using the rename functionality provided by Hyperweb and I modify the reference in the index.html page. When this last modification has been done and after cleaning my browser caches the file seems to be correctly renamed but the content of index.html is not updated in the deployed instance. In addition files except index.html are not accessible (missing ?).

Browser: Safari V 9.0.3
Modification Date ~ 06:30 GMT+1

The deployed instance is correct right now i.e. 2 hours later.

Hi d-plaindoux,

Thank you for the detailed feedback and sorry for the bother!

The team will look at this as soon as they can. We are a small team, and we have a holiday weekend ahead of us, so it may be early next week before we can dig deeper into this.

Keep the feedback coming as this is exactly what we need.



Thanks a lot! I know your are in beta and I apologise if this implies unwished workload :confused:
Anyway I hope this can be helpful and let you increase the quality and the stability of Hyperweb.

Hi d-plaindoux,

Nothing “unwished” about feedback - please keep it coming!

It is helpful and appreciated.

Thank you!


I think I’ve been seeing this today… I was making changes to package.json and it didn’t seem to be doing anything (not appeared in the logs window). An hour later I came back and tried to make other changes, and it seemed to be running the changes I’d made earlier. All kinda confusing!