Lamp-poc remix not starting

I’m wondering why my lamp-poc remixes aren’t starting (for two days now). I visited and it says all is fine. I can access the editor but if I want to see the webpage, it’s loading all the time. I tried on different devices and with different lamp-poc remixes. My static projects are working and I’ve got enough project hours (7/1000).
Could anyone help? The project is socialspace

Check the logs. If you see something like httpd server already running on port 80, enter the glitch.json file and add a random character to it. Wait for maybe 10 seconds and then delete it. Refresh your project and ta-da.

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That worked! Thanks a lot!
Do you now why this occurs?

Not sure. It could have something to do with the fact that Glitch projects run on containers, but I am not sure.