Last Year on Glitch + Christmas support schedule

Hey everyone! As the year comes to a close, I wanted to share a couple of important announcements to get us through the next couple of weeks and into the New Year.

  1. Last Year on Glitch 2022 is live! Thanks so much to all of you submitted nominations, who created apps, and who shared your work with the world! Scroll down the /discover page to see some high quality, inspiring content that the community created over the past year.
  2. Friday December 23 and Monday December 25 are office holidays, so Glitch Support will only be responding to emergency tickets (ie. widespread outage, abuse). We’ll be back on Tuesday the 26th to respond to other tickets.

RE: Best Playlist on Glitch

Really didn’t expect this, appreciate being on this list! And a shoutout to all those whose projects are included!


Congrats on another year of Glitch! Great to see so many different projects showcased on /discover. Many are quite artistic and easy to click through and enjoy during a short break (:

Have a nice break, everyone!


Yessss I’m a honorable mention with Glitch PWA!
And cool idea to put the rickroll counter, I think rickrolled the director of the community 3 times or so… [REDACTED]

Merry Christmas :snowman: everyone!

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