Last Year on Glitch - community's choice!

Hi! As the year comes to a close, we want to showcase the Glitch apps that inspired you, helped you, and overall made you see how fun, friendly, and beautiful the Web could be in 2021. We’re calling this showcase:

Update 12/30: See the full showcase right now on the Discover page!


The Gallery - Glitch Support if it’s easier to choose from a list


Idea: Name it “Glitch Rewind 2021”

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That was a name we considered, but I figured this was a nice play on our Last Month on Glitch blog series!


Rewind is also the name of another Glitch feature :eyes:


I almost forgot about that! lol

Hi everyone, just wanted to update this thread to let y’all know that we launched the Last Year on Glitch showcase today! You can find it on our freshly updated discover page that also includes a playlist with many of the apps y’all showcased here in the forum this year!

Thank you all for your apps, questions, answers, feedback, and great conversation over the last year. I am excited for what we have in store in the New Year, and I’m so happy to have you all here to be a part of it. Happy new year and I’ll see you Next Year on Glitch!