Latest Node version,'s recommendation

Looks like Glitch only has Node 12.0.0 at the moment but recommends 12.16.2 LTS for most users and 13.12.0 for the latest version.

(I suspect that this is extremely minor and the Node version rarely matters much.)

Relatedly, how do y’all recommend picking a Node version in one’s package.json? Like right now the LTS version is 12.something so should I just say

  "engines": {
    "node": "12"

and let Glitch pick the latest 12.x.x version it has?

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This should help you get node 13.

Yes, that is the correct method for specifying the Node.js version for your project. You can read more about it in the official package.json specification.

Of course, that won’t help you if the version you specify is unavailable at runtime.

Looks like 12.0.0 is still the latest version that Glitch has built in. now recommends 12.18.3 for most users and 14.9.0 for the latest version. So this is just a request to add those.

Interestingly if you specify a version that Glitch doesn’t have, it says, for example:

Could not find node 14, using 10
node v10.15.3

Probably 12.18.3 is currently what it should be defaulting to, based on Nodejs’s recommendation.

RunKit defaults to Node 14 - have there been any major breakin changes between 12 to 14?

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Probably just good to keep updated for security patches and such.