Leave from Glitch page and bot go down

Hello, today I get a new problem, I leave from my Glitch Project Page and my bot goes offline, it gives anything on console.
I use a code to make bot online, but only page stay online when I leave the page.
(and yes, i use Uptime Robot)

sorry my very bad english :confused:

Can you show me your uptime robot config!

Thanks for your answer, here is my config: http://prntscr.com/muclh1

Ok, I see no problem there, can you try setup your project here, that website is like uptime robot, but more advanced, and could keep your project up, if this fixes your problem, then uptime robot is probably having problems, if this does not, then your project might be having the problems!

Ok, thanks, i’ll try and give you a answer

I followed what you said, but problem still, I leave from Glitch page and bot goes down instant.
When I enter Glitch page again, the bot starts.

@Callum-OKane I’m using this code

const express = require(‘express’);
const keepalive = require(‘express-glitch-keepalive’);

const app = express();


app.get(’/’, (req, res) => {
res.json(‘This bot should be online! Uptimerobot will keep it alive’);
app.get("/", (request, response) => {

The problem still, someone plz?
I tried deleting project and creating a new one, but stills.

Website still online, but Discord side still offline :confused:

Hi @DaviPatrick can you share your project name? If your project’s site is online then this seems like it’s not a Glitch-specific problem, but maybe someone will see something in the bot side of things that will be enlightening.

Name of project is: anovo-advancedbot.
Link: http://anovo-advancedbot.glitch.me

some days ago, I doesn’t was having this problem

Make sure your bots token, and configuration is correct!

Hey @DaviPatrick, I’m actually pretty confused here. It looks from the logs like at some point in the recent past your bot was online, but it seems like that’s not your observation?

Further, I’m not sure how your project is even starting, since the package.json file points Glitch to execute a file that no longer exists. I’d’ve expected you to be seeing errors in your logs because Glitch/Node can’t find the file noted in the start script.