"Leave this" option gone? Replacement?

Is the option to actually remove a project from an account gone for good, or is there something coming to replace it?

Have no idea why would you insist on keeping all the junk, and I dont mind, but perhaps if all the files in the container are deleted we could get back the option to remove the container itself from the account.


On Android, Puffin browser…
–which, by the way and amazingly so, is several times faster than the rest… huge difference for heavy proccessing, like sorting big database, its crazy… how in the world do they do it and why is no one else doing the same?!?–
…so, anyway, this browser when left in the background then opened again after some time, would load glitch.com with guest user, that is ‘signed out’, and then it would automatically reload and log in, but in the process a new project originally assigned to the guest account gets added to my account… and so I have these EMPTY projects I’d like to get rid of, plus it’s waste of resources.

For random guest user automatically create a new project, on the way to edit a project automatically run the app just for show… automatically to do anything which is not absolutely necesssary is, well, unnecessary. It makes loading longer, and really, with no pragmatic purpose it is only asking for trouble. That’s what I think, if you ask me.

You can delete a project from your profile page - click on your user avatar image from the top-right user-info menu in the editor and find the project in your list of projects.

Ah, you can no longer leave a project if you’re the last member of it.

No big deal. Keep up the good work!

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