Leaving Glitch for a while

So, guys this is end. It’s been a journey, but i will leave from glitch and moving to my custom made vps. Because glitch is dying, the staff members aren’t do anything to help fixing the package issue, they do nothing about caring this issue and fixing it. I’m really sorry, but i will stay away from glitch for a while now. I will back if glitch doesn’t fixes the bugs/uptime issues. Glitch is better back then but it’s getting worse in 2020.


What if Glitch fixes all these issues within a month or two?

Then he’ll think about it in “a month or two” but then again ngl “a month or two” is quite a long time imo


i feel like you have no clue about what you’re saying.

Glitch DevOps is working hard to fix all the issues with Glitch, mainly related to it’s fast growing. They keep us up to date at the status page. This is a free service, it’s normal that it takes a while to fix things


Glitch is much better than any other free hosting site I have used. They have a very responsive team and for goodness sakes they have an actual email (most free hosting sites don’t give you direct contact and force you to use the forum where the support team are barely active). I really don’t get why people are making these regular, sometimes even slanderous, posts saying they will never use Glitch again. Fine. You can leave, just don’t make a topic/post about it. It fills up the forum with useless topics about people who are going mad at a free service. I hate to do this, but just add a post onto one of the many other topics on the forum about this, or just don’t make one at all. Glitch are doing the best they can and you or anyone making a topic like this doesn’t make it quicker, it might even make it slower


to be a little more positive and show my support i removed my last reply

Personnally I speak with Anil Dash on Twitter from times to times when I have stuff related to Glitch that I post on Twitter, I really appreciate that :

The Glitch staff has always been here for me when I needed help or when I had suggestions. If they’re not here enough that’s because they are busy doing something else, maybe solving the current problems.

I support Glitch. If there’s ever a reason I leave Glitch, it’s just gonna be because I need to go somewhere else because Glitch doesn’t fit my needs.


I mean even if there is constant outages, all the glitch staff have to do to show they care is to interact with the community and respond to posts, like they always did.
“but they post updates on their status page/their own thread” - still not the same as interacting with the community. Not responding to threads at least occasionally just shows they stopped caring and only want our money or however they make money outside of boosting projects.

I just think that Glitch has less people like @cori who would respond to users because there is no longer a need for that. Today, there are a lot more active users than there once were.


i am still with glitch all the way.


Me too, never giving up hope on Glitch.

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I’m sorry you feel that way. I will however stick with glitch all the way, and believe that I am still going to use it.


yes, less people who work with glitch post here

Hey, I just wanted to say we do see everything you all say, and we care so much about making sure Glitch works as well as it can for as many people as possible. The truth is, we’ve just got a lot of the team working as hard as they can to improve things, and when that’s due to some outages or performance issues, we get more support requests, which means it takes more time to respond there, and it can seem like we’re not communicating when the team is actually working their hardest.

We do deeply appreciate all of you (and I’m personally touched by so many of you in this thread who offered such kind and supportive words) and the good news is, we’re doing some hard work now to make sure we’ll be a stable and reliable platform for many years to come.

Thanks for bearing with us. :pray:t5::flags:


The CEO starts typing


lol :smiley: this post cracks me up

grabs paper bag

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Bit surprised the ceo responded, does say a lot about glitch :slightly_smiling_face:


yep. They are surveying us even if we do not think so

they care about glitch, thats all that matters

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