Leaving Glitch?

Not gonna lie these forums are pretty useless and making a replit will be so much easier so I’m most likely gonna full send because not even allowing custom domains is a big no no.

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Hi @Papaya_Dude!

Why? I think the forum is pretty good.

What’s easier than typing “glitch.new/blank” on your URL bar and creating a project instantly?

Custom domains are allowed. (e.g. my website, https://tiagorangel.com)


I get good use out of these forums too. but lately the help sections have been quite coding focused. it’s been hard to get library or service recommendations, in cases where there are parts of a project that you’d rather not build for yourself.

from following this user’s other threads, it seems not literally about creating the project initially. it’s more about how to put together multiple components into a new project.

for example, it’s not trivial to add a backend to an existing static site (although I’m not aware of this being particularly easy on replit either). glitch wants it to look easy by having a nodejs or sqlite starter, but what are you going to do, throw away your existing site and start over? spend an hour figuring out how to fit your existing frontend into a new starter? spend four hours figuring out how to copy over the parts of the backend into your existing project?

Temporary end-of-support for adding new custom domains you have an existing custom domain that was created prior to the discontinuation of the feature last month (reportedly temporary :pray: ). new users (or current users starting on new projects etc) are out of luck

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Yup, but normally what I do is just search about it, although I think that if you make a library recommendation request you will receive a response.

I actually don’t understand much this part. :sweat_smile: You mean ejs components? and for the starters thing normally I copy important stuff into my existant project.

Seen this also but hopefully, it will take short time :pray:

I left Glitch for Replit, but I occasionally come back solely due to the friendly community. But Replit does have some features I think Glitch should consider implementing.

  • GUI (e.g. selenium); While having a GUI is somewhat risky, it unlocks more programming purposes such as the usage of selenium and web-scraping. You could easily fix any DDoS concerns by ratelimiting the WiFi requests for such projects.
  • Better support for languages; I program in PHP, and there are no officially supported templates. There are templates here and there, but it feels like an unsupported “hack” rather than an officially supported template.
  • Seamless filesystem interaction; The Replit CLI directly communicates with the filesystem and no refresh command is required. I don’t know how the Glitch IDE works but this would be good. Similarly, all uploaded files go to assets.glitch.me, not your project, and you have to seperately import it as a link to a longer URL rather than <script src="imported_from_usb.js">.

Other than that Glitch is a really good service!

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Glitch may missed some stuffs.
But still.

I serve my project in Glitch anyways.

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You mean like seeing the actual screen and being able to control it just like Replit? Yes, that would be a very cool feature addition! Sometimes I see myself in the need of browsing pages and interact with their content manually in a real screen.

Yup, more official templates would be great.

Looks like Glitch is already working on a “no need for refresh command” thing, according to some reports!

Although you can manually wget them from the terminal, a “Move to project” button in the assets file viewer would be very handy, I agree.

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those sound like great features! agreed in particular on better support for languages and the filesystem awkwardness.

oh and having a GUI would be neat! then maybe we could just run vs code etc directly in our container. but last I heard on anything related, glitch had to prohibit packages like puppeteer (was it because they used too much memory? I hadn’t heard anything about a connection with DDoS.), so it sounds like we’re getting farther away from this than closer ):


It’s really sad ngl, glitch is a lot smaller than repl.it in terms of size I guess, implements features people actually use, but to be honest the platform is moving a bit more slowly than I like.

replit on another hand seems to have a lot of capacity and velocity to make features, but they keep on adding confusing things and other not very helpful things (when was the last time you used their pulseaudio novnc audio streaming solution?). Another funny thing they added was added was PostgreSQL for $1 a day??? This sounds pretty expensive considering that a digital ocean droplet can cost as little as $5 a day and some providers make it as cheap as $3.5 a month, so any database living longer than 5 days would probaly not be worth it

plus a few of their forum members have felt like they aren’t being listened to (see this open letter):

btw they seem to be going through the platform stability dilemma rn


Just jumping in to say that we love this feedback, and keep it coming! We hope to have some exciting updates soon :crossed_fingers: around the versions of packages inside of the container.

Seeing the workarounds and attempts made in the forums for things like Nix gives us a good idea of what people are trying to make work and what they want to see in the containers, so keep those coming too :wink:


Abuse like DDoS attacks can be an issue regardless of whether users can have graphical things.

I have no plans in leaving Glitch due to the fixed pricing of their subscription, however, I really wish that the following were added:

  • GUI to have real time response to the file system changes
  • Node v18 support
  • Better reliability in terms of NPM because it breaks all the time and prevents me from installing anything until I wipe my container clean and re-install everything
  • Asset list to persist even when the container is wiped clean

Node v18 is important- v16 is deprecated at the moment. And before anyone says the team can’t do it due to an outdated container, that’s a lie- I got NVM running and it could run v18 fine (albeit with a storage hit).

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Hey, if anyone on the team is reading this, please at least let people have a bit of storage back by perhaps dropping a node binary into your shared storage in some way or another :slight_smile:, we understand that it takes time to impl a real solution but this would be just nice to use as a temp sol

oh did they build nodejs v18 for older linux kernel and glibc?

idfk I just installed NVM locally and used “nvm use 18”

bam, node 18 worked fine

I’m getting this:

app@rebel-cool-potassium:/tmp 23:49 
$ nvm use 18
N/A: version "v18" is not yet installed.

You need to run `nvm install 18` to install and use it.

app@rebel-cool-potassium:/tmp 23:49 
$ nvm install 18
Downloading and installing node v18.16.0...
Downloading https://nodejs.org/dist/v18.16.0/node-v18.16.0-linux-x64.tar.xz...
######################################################################## 100.0%
Computing checksum with sha256sum
Checksums matched!
Now using node v18.16.0 (npm v)
Creating default alias: default -> 18 (-> v18.16.0)

app@rebel-cool-potassium:/tmp 23:50 
$ type node
node is /tmp/fake-home/.nvm/versions/node/v18.16.0/bin/node

app@rebel-cool-potassium:/tmp 23:50 
$ node
node: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by node)
node: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.25' not found (required by node)
node: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by node)

oop looks like i’ll need to build it myself later in my own docker
a friend has also mentined ways to forcepath it to use older glibc but that might not be a good idea

that’s confusing as shit, I didnt get that

do you have a project with it that I can remix?