Leaving tab returns to README.md


If I leave the tab where I’m editing my project for more than a couple minutes and then come back to it, it usually–but not always–leaves the file I was working on and returns to README.md. This would be a fairly minor annoyance except that at the same time this started happening changing files became really slow, with a delay of around 10s.

I don’t know whether this might be specific to my project: I’m using a local db and also taking advantage of the /.data folder to keep my synced data private. Weirdly, there’s also a delay on this forum. Other people’s projects are lightning fast.

While I’m giving feedback, I’d also love it if it were possible to edit different files in different tabs simultaneously. :yellow_heart:


It’s possible that what you’re seeing is a memory leak that is noticable during long sessions. When you see the showdown, does manually refreshing the browser help?

re tabs: you can do that today by opening separate browser tabs with the same project url. We’ll look into ways to make that process smoother in the future.