Length of Heardle audio

Hey, you guys! So I’m making a Heardle for one of my favourite bands and I was wondering, when I preview the website, the audio is only 9 seconds long for guessing the song. Someone else’s Heardle has a 16-second audio length instead of 9 seconds. Is there a way I can change my preview audio from 9 to 16 seconds? Thanks!

Could you share some of your source code with us, preferabely the part the plays the audio (might include .play()), either your audio files themselves are 9 seconds long or you have code stopping the audio when it has progressed 9 seconds.

First, thank you for your reply! I’m using a SoundCloud link and not an audio file itself. Basically, let me try to explain this to you. I found the code that controls the intervals at which the song plays. So, in a Heardle, you must guess a song in as few tries as possible. You get 6 attempts at guessing. It’s supposed to play the first bit till the end of 1 second, the second bit till the end of 2 seconds, the third bit till the end of 4 seconds, the fourth bit till the end of 7 seconds, the fifth bit till the end of 11 seconds, and the sixth bit till the end of 16 seconds. My webpage, though, plays only 9 seconds in total, instead of 16 seconds. I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense. I’m really new to coding and stuff :confused:

Looks like the author of the joywave heardle (which I’m assuming you’re using if not please send a project link to yours) made their code not so easy to read for most of the source code could you perhaps mention the relevant lines you found?