Let me favorite my own projects so I can remix them quicker

I have a lot of glitch projects, which makes the idea of reusing them as templates less useful to me. I use glitch almost daily in my development, and also will use it as scratch when aswering stack overflow questions or issues on open source repos. I like the feeling of being up and running instantly with glitch, but I dont use remixing my own projects as templates for very simple things very often. That’s because scrolling through my list of projects is not great, so I just start a new project and make the same changes I always do. I would get a lot more out of remixing (and choose glitch more frequently) if I could more readily lay hands on my useful template projects.

Request: Let me favorite my own projects, and have them stickied or otherwise filtered in my list of projects, or let me choose from favorited projects when clicking new project.

If anyone wants to laugh at me being really nitpicking, check out my first request in the edit history lol :joy:

Okay so putting this in writing made me realize that being able to favorite my own projects so as to sticky them to the top of my list, or else filter on them, would solve this power user’s problems.

Also I realized I was just plain wrong about a few things, woops!

Do you use the search box above your project list to filter the projects at all? Creating a new project from a list of faves is an interesting idea, though. I find myself doing a similar thing - using the new project and stripping bits out.

@Gareth thanks for your response!

I was oblivious of the feature (or at least never thought to use it) until I started thinking this much about it and writing the request. It is useful, but I think overall displaying the project name/url as the top level piece of info to identify a project is less than optimal. I do love those cute urls, so I never change the project name!

Bottom line, having my project name scoped to the unique url as it is now (the only unique public identifier of a project) makes the project name less useful to me for visual filtering. The novelty and cuteness actually adds friction for me to rename a project. Although the random, unique nature of the naming is necessary from technical perspectives (public url) I think there must be more human ways to organize and visually filter my projects.

This being said, search works great! But only if I remember to change my project description or name, which further punishes me for my bad user behavior, where Id hope my tools would help shelter me from even making such bad decisions.

Obviously I think about these things a lot, and actively try to add descriptions in an effort to stay organized. But idk if other users do so as well, got stats?

Back to the "templates"
Maybe blueprint type things? A specifically static, version controlled repo of code, that I can spin up an instance just to run TDD stuff on, or hit the remix button and spin up a staging, production, or dev environment, which all would apply build steps or dev dependencies or environment vars depending on the dev/staging/production environment.

Then I can capture and share the whole lifecycle of a codebase in one place.