Let us run CRIU (checkpoint/restore in userspace) so we can implement time-travel debugging

I want to be able to run CRIU, a tool that let’s us “checkpoint” a Linux process and “restore” it later. Having CRIU would let us build tools that let us:

  • time travel debugging: go back to a frame or a request before
  • checkpoint a process just after it crashes, save the image for debugging. We can create a reverse proxy to the chrome devtools protocol the crashing process will expose via --inspect.
  • migrate game arenas from Glitch to a more powerful server when more players come online

I already figured out how to download and install the CIRU binaries on this thread, but I get an error when I try dumping a process with CRIU on the command line.

I’m a leader of Arras, an open-source fan-made sequel game. Many people use Glitch with Arras as a platform to learn programming. Games have lots of persistent state and would benefit from technology like CRIU.

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