Level system in discord.js

How do I make a level system in discord.js?

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try looking at some of these examples:

In order to setup a level system, you’ll have to setup a database first.

You might be wonder, why Database? Well, you’ll need to save users’ entry (level, id, name, guildID, etc) to the database. We’ll need database to collect that data and to do that we need database.

There are tons of databases for you to choose from. For instance, MongoDB (recommended), MySQL, SQLite, Redis, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, whatnot. Once you’ve picked the right database, proceed further.

Now you’ll have to setup the database, you’ve chosen to work with. There are lots of tutorials on the internet, which will show you how to setup a database as well as how to work with them.

Once you’ve done that, you can watched them, you can now work with your leveling system. Also, database can be useful in not just level system but, custom role, information-storage, per guild-settings, etc.

Cheers and if you’ve any query, feel free to mention me. :+1:

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