Lifetime Glitch Pro

The (dumb) idea

I know, I know, this is a dumb idea, but what about a Glitch lifetime PRO plan?

Edit: I found out that someone that works at Glitch (it does not say his/her name) has already proposed this on this medium article

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Calculations about this

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Let’s do some calculations!

First, to get the average lifetime, we should choose between 60 years and 80 years.

With 60 years

60 years paying $96 per year (glitch PRO price)? $5760: that’s a lot.
I think that would be anti-marketing because a lot of people would think that Glitch PRO is not worth it

With 80 years

If you lived 80 years paying $96 per year (glitch PRO price), you would end up with a bill of $7680.
Same thing as above, no good


As I said, probably this is a dumb idea because the price is too high and no one would want it.

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oops forgot to post

Ok, I clicked “very dumb idea” but, I don’t mean it like that

Glitch Pro forever does not seem feasible to me because well, they have to pay AWS costs, they have to pay energy costs, and because it’s a hosting service, you have to constantly pay for it, so a lifetime plan would not work in the long-term. Once the money runs out, then it’s gone and they can’t pay any hosting costs.


Yes, plus the price is too high. And lifetime plan would not work because probably Glitch would (unfortunately) not be available for 100 years.

It would be cool if glitch pro was pay as you go, for example I could have one project with all the boosted specs and stuff for a certain price point per month and add up based by usage, if you use other things like always on/unlimited requests



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