Light text on a light background. I don't see what is written there

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Same here… The new update sucks tbh

We are encountering this with our project as well, but it’s stuck half in dark theme. Toggling the theme between light and dark seems to be a temporary workaround.

Hi there - can you tell me what browser/operating system you’re using? We had put out a fix for this that most folks said worked, but I want to pin down which browsers are not fixed yet.

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Hi Jen - I can’t speak for others in this thread but it seems to be fixed for me now. I took that screenshot from a private window in Firefox this morning, co-workers of mine were seeing it in Chrome. That said I just tried both and didn’t see the issue anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks for addressing that quickly!

OS Windows 10
Browser Chrome

Today the panel is displayed in normal color.

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