Like the new editor layout!

I like the new layout of things, a lot friendlier and more simple

Good job!


  1. The Add LICENSE File no longer appears under the New File option.
  2. Owing to the new UI, I think should be updated!

Yep, needs updating further

@khalby786 - can you let me see a screenshot of what you see when you click on New File? Because I see the button there still.

Also a heads up that we’re no longer using that app for help center assets as of several months ago.

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index md – markdoc

I don’t see it…

I also like the new layout!

But those were very useful…

that’s so strange - i’ll file a ticket and have the editor team investigate why some of us have it and some don’t! thanks for flagging!


Huh, hang on, @jenn

Refreshing the same page I had opened up earlier did not show the option, but when I opened the editor in a new tab, it showed up!

README md – khaleelsblog

Sorry for misleading you! :slight_smile:

I just checked and I have it interestingly.

At least we have it!

no worries, glad it came back for you. if you find buttons missing like that again, don’t hesitate to flag it to us. we’re working on a bunch of cool things as y’all know, and sometimes spooky things can happen!


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