Limitations for boosted app ($8/m)

Dear Glitch Support Team members,

I plan to migrate my project from HEROKU to GLITCH.

Reason is once per day Heroku making so called “cycling” , stopping and re-running app again. But my app stores some data in RAM and during this restart all data becomes lost. I suppose Glitch does not have such a “feature”?!

Another qustion is do boosted app have some limitation as for working hours and request number per hour? I found info about 4000 hours per year. That means half-time my app will be out of service since 24*365 ~ 8760 hours?!

Please advise.
Thank you!

We do, projects restart every 12 hours, boosted or not.
And also RAM is random access, you should save it to the disk.

Also, boosted members get 4000 project hours per month, not year.


Hi there - Glitch support team member here! Just wanted to confirm that @Erisfiregamer1 and @Techy are both correct: We cycle similarly to Heroku, subscribers get 4000 project hours per month and no rate limits on any of their projects.