Linkified-Python based URL Shortener With frontend development and Discord Authentication [OPEN SOURCE]

Project URL:

Github Source Code: GitHub - ArefinAkash/Linkified: A Python-based URL Shortener System with discord Authentication

Stars and Fork in My github repo would be appreciated


Seems very neat, but I’d rather not give the app all of these permissions.


Yeah, why does a link shortener need to know what server’s I am in, join servers for me, or get my email address? Sort of sounds like a data mine (although you may not trying to make one)

And also, the salt is one of those lorem ipsum texts, and db.json isn’t gitignored?


Must be hardcoded into flask_discord at least you’ll be set if you need more perms in the future


Sure. i might change

You can mention that’s by me, please?

And we have another copy-cat

If you don’t have created .env , Linkified will look for environnements variables instead! (note: use the same envs than for .env but add PYDISAUR_ behind every env.)

on this github repo

here’s Stylix’s repo, @ArefinAkash just stole it

Edit: found out that this guy violated the MIT license.


Hi @Stylix58,
If this user has violated your rights as stated in the MIT license, you could follow these steps to remove the project from Glitch:
and from GitHub:

As stated on both these pages, it is more often than not more effective to contact the user first to try and get it resolved without the intervention of Glitch, GitHub or law.
This is not legal advice - whenever in doubt, consult a solicitor.


He already sent a DMCA takedown request to Glitch, I agree he should also DMCA GitHub.


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I would only send an DMCA takedown to Glitch.

nice.I just did the frontend development.And i added that to my Linkified github that
#Official demo for Linkified thats inspired by Pydisaur,A Python-based URL Shortener System with discord Authentication

Inspired is not the same as built upon.
Inspired just means you created something similar or using ideas from it

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