Links don't work in Show - Next to The Code : get error "Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension."


First, I searched for the error in Google and also on the glitch website help, but didn’t find an answer.

We just wasted a whole class period and got quite frustrated in the process.

We had the following problem (we tried in Chrome and also in Edge):

When editing an html file, index.html for example, when we go to Preview your app by clicking on Show - Next to The Code

Links don’t work. When you click on one, there’s an icon with a sad face. There’s no error message shown unless you move the mouse pointer over the icon. And when you do hover over the icon a message appears “Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.” . Grrrr And of course the message is useless because it happens with no extensions in Chrome or Edge.

Strangely enough if the link is to, it works fine. Grrrrr
But all other websites give the sad face icon.

FINALLY I TRIED TO PREVIEW USING Show, In a New Window… And links work!!! Not just to as in previewing in Show - Next to The Code!!!

BTW, is it just me, or did other people have some difficulty in creating an account in order to post a question here at Glitch??? Thanks

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Hey, @hr0201.

It was when you said that I noticed this. I too am getting this error as you said.

It didn’t work even when I open the project page in an incognito tab.

Hi @hr0201 – that sounds so frustrating! I’ve gotten that error also (in my case, I think it was specifically on projects running a server) and was mystified by it. Can you include some more details about when you saw it to help debug? (i.e., were you running a server/router?) If your project is public, sharing the project name could also help!

I’m going to look back through my old projects to try and pinpoint when I saw it also, and I’m recategorizing this post to #glitch-help so that @Glitch_Response can take a look at it. Thanks for posting!

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Hey @househaunt,

If you remember me, I asked you about a mobile detection problem sometime earlier, and that same project is suffering the same problem. The project is here. The project name is node-typeaudio.

Hmmm! That’s interesting. I didn’t see any links on the index.html page and was unable to reproduce the issue – were you navigating from one page to another, or is it just when you load the first page that the issue happens?

I remember a comment from a while ago in the forums that stated that there was an error that would occur if the javascript for the page hadn’t finished building/loading…I don’t remember if it was this error though. I’ll look it up. If it was this error, then the issue should (I think…) stop showing up if 1. you aren’t editing code and 2. you’ve had the site open for a minute or so.


I don’t think that is the issue because in the screen shots I sent you above, the project page had been open for a long time.

And the issue happens when I link to an external page. What fascinates me is that the links work if the project is shown in a new tab.

It’s a real puzzle…I wonder if it’s because the project is loaded in an iframe in the show area? I did find this previous discussion on the same subject (worth reading the whole discussion):


That might be the reason because, after much googling and experimenting and creating new Glitch projects to identify the error, I’ve found that when you add a link to or a project page, the link works. But when it is linked to another webpage, you either get the error REQUESTS TO THE SERVER HAVE BEEN BLOCKED BY AN EXTENSION or DOMAIN.COM REFUSES TO CONNECT.

What I’m guessing is that the websites that are being linked to might be sending X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN response header. This option prevents the browser from displaying iFrames that are not hosted on the same domain as the parent page. But I’m not completely sure…:thinking:

From what I’ve read, try clearing the browser’s cache and open the project page in an incognito tab.

This might be helpful:

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Hey folks, your investigation is right on target here - this is a limitation of how the side-by-side preview works and general web security practices for iframes. Sorry for the bother!