Links in README files (and others) should open in a new browser tab

Currently, links in files (for our specific case README files) move the currently running Glitch page to that URL, in essence navigating away from the Glitch editor and project. This can be disruptive to people, especially people who are not signed in. Ideally, clicking links would open these pages in a new browser tab.

Our Scenario:

  • Remix project from somewhere
  • This loads project and lands on README file where our directions are
  • Our directions have links that lead to pages with further directions, information, or places where they need to further register
  • Because of these links navigating away from the Glitch page, people can lose the flow of what they were working on, if not lose the project if they were not signed in

forcing new tab/windows when clicking on links is a bad practice with regards to accessibility (the change in focus can be confusing for screenreaders, for example).

as for a user not logged in, once they remix a project the browser’s local storage has the info that the not-logged-in user owns that project, so if they are navigated away for some reason they should be able to go back and continue editing that one project.