List of all projects created on glitch


I’m really enjoying browsing around different projects in the “Featured” and “More Apps” sections. At this point, I’ve seen most of them and I’m interested in exploring some more. :sailboat:

It would be nice to have a paginated listing of all the projects sorted by most recent or remix count and maybe have one filter to only show non-remixed projects to avoid the clutter. This way I can visit the site every day knowing there’s going to be new content to look over.

You’ve probably already thought about this, but this would make me a consistent daily visitor so I want to make sure. :smile:


+1 to this idea
And these texts just to make the post excede 20 character limit


Nice suggestion! Thinking through how to improve search and discovery is a topic that’s front of mind for us. We hope to have some improvements in the not too distant future, and it’ll likely incorporate things like this for sure.