List of AWESOME Glitch projects! - Add yours here too!

Based on this: Glitch's Wall of Fame (Glitch in the wild) and Awesome

List description: This list is for awesome and useful Glitch projects!

Only Glitch projects should be added to this list!

Make sure to add them here too!:


Begin list below:

  • Please only add projects, not edit the text (unless you get permission)
  • They must follow the Glitch ToS (meaning no pinging, proxies, etc.)
Example of a submission
|[Title](Link) | Description | [GitHub]( |
Name Description Source code
pastedown pastedown is a markdown pastebin written in php designed to replace other pastebins GitHub
Texa A Deno web-framework inspired by Oak and Express, with built-in support for WebSockets, middleware and routing. GitHub,
GlitchyPastePen Create simple front-end projects, mainly with HTML, CSS and JS using an online code editor and instantly host it. GitHub
Learn Code Make projects on a beautiful site with an online code editor with guides and SVG icons (icons WIP) GitHub, Glitch
MarkMe! A simple, lightweight and beautiful Markdown editor and viewer. GitHub
make8bitart An open-source simple tool that allows anyone to create pixel art. Glitch
AuroraOS An beautiful os that takes out the best design features from Windows and Mac os TBD
Handsfreejs Demo Interact with webpages using your camera and your head. This really fun to play with sometimes Github

hem hem new learn code

can I add that

and maybe glitch’s glorious other community made editors

I feel sad that I haven’t made anything awesome ;-;

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Whenever you have, feel free to open a PR in that repo, and remember, only awesome Glitch projects will be accepted!

This list was supposed to be glitch projects and frameworks that could be used in glitch projects

The GitHub repo was supposed to be just Glitch projects

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Adding frameworks could make the list really long, considering the fact that almost any Node.js framework can be used.

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yeah like how long this list got

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going to make more things that are awesome :smiley:

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I can see that, add it to the wiki post and I’ll add it to the repo as you make changes!

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Good, I am going to polish things that I have made

like this tic tac toe I did a year ago

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i would suggest adding

We could do something like youtube rewind at the end of the year with the gallery except the name glitch rewind is already in use and could cause confusion


you mean like a YouTube video?

If it was a YouTube video I’d keep coming back to check the dislikes along with rewind (I do check once a month)

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Yep, we just need to figure out some good transitions.
I’ve been wondering for a while if I can video edit using just html/js/css

lol, not possible.
But i am a good editor, can edit the videos if you want, also it’s getting too off-topic, shall we make a group chat?

You can theortically, I just need to check if js is percise enough to select frames correctly, it’s a wip concept. Audio rendering can be done with another js library though


Ask @leeceeksdee or you could add it.

What if this list gets turned into like a “Glitch Rewind” or something?


lol, we already kinda have a thread for that.