List of Supported Languages, Frameworks and Package Managers

This is not really a project or an app but I think is something similar.

This is a list of Glitch’s supported languages and frameworks.

  1. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  2. HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)

  3. Ember.JS

  4. Ruby

  5. Ruby on Rails

  6. Python

  7. pip

  8. Java

  9. Rust

  10. C

  11. C++

  12. .NET

  13. Swift

  14. ClojureScript

  15. PHP

  16. Perl

  17. Haskell

  18. Elixir

  19. CPAN

  20. Racket

  21. JavaScript

  22. BuckleScript

  23. Lua

  24. Xen Text

  25. CoffeeScript

  26. EJS

  27. PUG

  28. Jade

  29. Deno

  30. Lisp

  31. Node.JS

  32. Bash

  33. Discord.PY

  34. Discord.JS

  35. Node Package Manager (NPM) (Inaccessible in the app terminal)

  36. Shell

  37. React.JS

  38. Draft.JS

  39. C# (C Sharp)

  40. TypeScript

  41. Vue.JS

  42. Gem

  43. Yarn

  44. Poetry

  45. Pipenv

  46. Nuxt.JS

  47. Svelte.JS

  48. Next.JS

  49. SQL

  50. Django (needs to be installed with pip3 install Django

  51. Flask

  52. Bottle

  53. Pysimplegui

  54. Web2py

  55. TurboGears

  56. uWSGI

  57. Twisted

  58. Tornado

  59. 11ty

If you need help getting started with these then you can check out the Create page on the Glitch website.

Thanks to @jarcane for the original list. Please feel free to help me with this list!


Thanks for making this, but like you stated, there is already something exactly like this:

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But that is not actively maintained.

With more written as well.


Don’t worry. I will extend this.

I personaly haven’t seen the staff add much to the containers…

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There is actually even more languages and frameworks than you may think. Trust me.


I am still extending this.

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Sure, but it seems like just a clone of an already made post.


Yeah I agree with @RiversideRocks. We should actually make a MD doc in the Glitch Docs I made. With all the languages that the community has found work! (such as Swift) and which version Glitch has installed (ex. Swift 5)

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Wait, what?! Does .NET really work on Glitch?


Yep, according to the other list.

WDYM? :thinking: (needs some updates)

Need help?

Sure, feel free to contribute @ the GitHub repo


I’m probably gonna have the docs also available at or something

EDIT: I’m also gonna use YoungCDN (my CDN) soon for Assets


Okay. I will do that! But how do you want things to be organized there?

Oh yeah everything in docs/md/ will get pushed to using Vercel (with some tweaking in vercel.json to get the exact method I want)

I won’t need help with the domain stuff.

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