Listen EADDRINUSE :::3000 failed - many version of the same app alive on different port

Hello Glitch community,

I am having a weird bug with one of my apps…

After many changes and restart suddently the app complains about another app running on port 3000 with the famous Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::3000 error.

I look through all the topics related to this error and I could not make any of the solutions work for my case.

setting the port manually seem to let the app start in a normal way. But if I make changes to the app, they won’t be taken in consideration, the code is there, but the execution shows an old version.
refreshing the code page, shows that the lines I added are saved on glitch side.

in the console, I see many node server.js processes but impossible to kill them…
It’s has happened already twice on this app, never had a problem before.

Any idea on how to solve this?
a magic command line to kill all processes and start fresh?

the app is a private app sorry :frowning_face:


If you have two files that have “app.listen” then, it will emit that error. @picsoung

which is not the case :confused:

I suspect there is something in the booting and killing of the app when updating files.

One app was not killing properly and since then keep failing at relaunching.

Using ps and kill death destroy … :slight_smile:

My theory, is that there is already a process listening into port 3000.

What have you got installed on this project may I ask?

Nothing really…
Just express on 3000.

The problem resolved itself after few hours, I believed when the app when to shutdown mode.

@picsoung Can you invite me to your project?

Well, make sure nothing interferes with port 3000. Glad it was fixed !