Listener requires a hostName and sslCert

I’ve been trying for a few days to figure out how to get this working- I’m using the twurple API for twitch integration, and one thing I want to do is set up a listener for the eventsub stuff.

However, the example prompts me to provide a hostname and an SSL Cert using Glitch, and of all the posts I’ve tried searching on here, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that… Any help would be much appreciated, please and thank you!

const listener = new EventSubListener(apiClient, new DirectConnectionAdapter({
	hostName: '',
	sslCert: {
		key: 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa',
		cert: 'bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb'
}), 'thisShouldBeARandomlyGeneratedFixedString');
await listener.listen();

You will need to do this in a another service…
Maybe the @glitch_support can help you.

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I have never used Twurple, but have you tried the code under “Serving through a reverse proxy”. From reading the docs, it seems more suitable for Glitch.

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