Live App link unreadable, undiscoverable. Inconsistent placement and treatment of remix this button

Hi there,

I’m doing some user testing of glitch as a part of a project, and I have noticed some specific parts of the experience that are particularly challenging for my participants.

  1. The live app link is mostly obscured. Users have a hard time finding it and selecting the link to copy it. I think this whole panel could be enlarged. In general, users seem to have a hard time differentiating what should go in the project name dropdown, and what should go in the sharing dropdown.

  2. The remix button has three different permutations of copy that I can observe (Remix to edit, remix your own, and remix project) yet the button does the same thing. The inconsistent copy introduces doubt to the user that the buttons may actually do different things. This makes it challenging for me to give instructions, because I can’t simply say “click the remix to edit button” because if a user is in a different view, the button might be called something different. Lastly, the placement of this button in relation to the app is completely different depending on the view / page, which makes it hard for a user to learn how to use the button in one view and apply that learning to other views. Sometimes it’s in the top right, sometimes it’s in the bottom right, and sometimes it’s in a drawer in the top left.

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