Live Editing On causes some issues (Working directory has unstaged changes)


Testing out with our team and noticing an issue. Some of our team like editing live on the server and some like editing locally and then pushing the changes up.

When someone edits live on the server (via the editor) it doesn’t auto push the changes to the Glitch Repo (We aren’t using Github or Gitlab just the default Glitch repo).

So whenever someone edits live on the server, someone editing locally won’t get those changes and they get this message when trying to push.

(Working directory has unstaged changes)

Is there anyway for Glitch to autopush when using the live editor? Or should we just have everyone edit locally?

Glitch batches up changes into Git commits, so it takes a while, on the order of minutes, in my experience. When you’re editing online, you can open the Rewind view to have Glitch commit the latest changes right away.

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So once they’ve finished several updates they can just click the rewind button? We’ll test that out, otherwise I think enforcing local editing may be safest, allows them to test changes as well before going live.

Just tested this and can confirm that pressing rewind button does indeed commit and push the changes. Although I wish there was a better way since it would be very easy for someone to forget to do it. We’ll keep testing it out.

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