Loading forever problem

The lamp-poc server is the closest thing to an official PHP project.

where does this get stuck in the startup process? maybe we can figure this out without help from Glitch

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It says, “starting” for a second, then “waking up” Up until then, my favicon was showing up. Then it reloads and my favicon disappears. It says “starting” for a few seconds again, then changes to “waking up” again and never changes again.

See https://pefect-pearls.glitch.me

any more details from the project’s logs?

There’s an ‘r’
And it’s loading at the moment for me.

There is a PID conflict with httpd

I’ll assume restarting changes the PID.


Partially fixed, yay!!

This is caused when the page is open for a suspended period at a time. I solved this by making the page redirect when focus is removed from the page. It redirects to a page hosted on GitHub Pages (because I only used Glitch for the PHP). When the focus is returned to the page, it redirects back to the page the user was on before.

My Discord bot won’t

load to my server it just shows the loading disc and a light gray background. Anyone know why?

Please make your own threat

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what does that mean?!?!?!?

I meant make your own thread

Just be careful of adding random bots to your server, make sure to review the code and assure it isn’t a “kick/ban everyone in the server bot”.

ok thanks for letting me know