Loading forever!

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CERT_WEAK_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM, can someone please help me none of my projects are opening, and has been loading for hours!

Hi @Ethan-Botha , sorry for the bother!

Can you tell me which project is having trouble? Also, can you send us the information about the certificate your browser is using? In Chrome you can find it by clicking on the lock in the address bard and then on “Certificate” as shown in the image below:

I am also having the same problem can someone please help?

@cori ^
he can help you out

All projects, I’m new here so starting and imported from thimble project aren’t working. My certificate says ask by default with everything except adds which is blocked

Hey @Ethan-Botha I think I wasn’t clear enough here.

I’d like to see what the SSL certificate your browser is using for glitch.com looks like; your comment about blocking ads makes me think that you might be looking at something else.

The problem I think you may be running into is that something on your network maybe be spoofing Glitch’s SSL certificate and substituting its own. This can happen when there’s a firewall or malware blocking solution running somewhere between your browser and Glitch, and the fact that you’re using Thimble is an additional piece of data to support that assertion - it’s not uncommon for school networks, for instance, to have the sort of software running on them that might interfere with Glitch’s SSL cert.

If you can give me a single project name that’s having the issue I can see if I see the loading screen or if it loads for me successfully. You could also give it a try on a phone or other mobile device not connected to WiFi to see if you see the same issue there.

jumper2 is one of them.

As I expected, I can see that project just fine; the Editor loads and I can play the game (which look kind of addictive!).

All of which leads me back to my original hypothesis - there’s something on your network that is interfering with your connection to Glitch. Being able to see the certificate your browser is using could help confirm that (if you tell me your browser I may be able to give you specific steps to collect that information), as could knowing whether or not you can access your project from a different network (like a phone’s cellular data network).

If this is indeed the case you’ll need to talk with whoever manages the network you’re using to get it resolved.

Google chrome, how can I make you see the certificate?

My project does show if I go to view in a different tab (show button) , but I can’t code.

Ok the screenshot I posted earlier is in Chrome. You might need to click in the url bar first, and then clicking on the Lock should show that popup menu. If you click on “Certificate” you should see something like this:


And if yours doesn’t look like that then your browser connection to glitch.com is being monkeyed with (as I mention possibly for legitimate reasons from the perspective of your network admins, if you’re on a network managed by someone else).

It’s perfectly reasonable that your project’s webpage and the Glitch Editor would give different results, since one is coming from glitch.com and the other from glitch.me.

Ensures the identity of a remote computer
Proves your identity to a remote computer

issued to : support.glitch.com

issued by : ContentWatch Certificate Authority

That’s what I see if I followed your instructions

That’s the certificate for this site. I’'m concerned about the certificate for the editor session you can’t get to load - can you check that one, please?

Although, that’s also the wrong certificate, so I expect you’ll see something similar in your project.

Yip it’s exactly the same on that site.

Ok then that tells us that the network you’re on is replacing the SSL certificate for glitch.me domains, probably for one of the reasons mentioned above. We’ve seen this before, and to resolve it you’ll need to contact whoever manages that network and request that they allow glitch.me traffic through unimpeded.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and good luck!

Hi Cori,

I have the same problem with the project. It´s permantly loading and never access.
I checked the certificates but it’s okey.
My project is: ruculabot

Thanks and regards!

Hey @facutopa, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I opened your project this morning and had no problem connecting, so my guess is that one of the times it was stopped between when you posted and this morning got it unstuck. Sorry for the bother and let us know if you’re still running into problems!

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