Loading forever

If I open a project, no matter what it just keeps loading forever.


Hi there - sorry to hear your project isn’t loading. Would you mind sharing your project name here (or emailing support@glitch.com) and we can take a look into it for you? Other projects are able to load fine, so it isn’t happening with all projects, but we are working on addressing some issues with slowness to start up for projects that have dependencies that need installing.


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Contact glitch support to resolve your problem, or just wait a little bit.

@sheridan is a part of @glitch_support.

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Every project is, it seems to be random or smth, because like 1 hour ago I could, but now not. And my friend can edit the same project

Glitch currently is experience some issues, you can watch them here. You just have to wait until Glitch team fixes those issues.

Yeah I had that problem too. Because of many reasons, such as lots more people using wifi because of covid, they can take hours to load. Just be patient, it will all work at some point. It’s not a matter of if it will, but a matter of when it will.