Localhost:8080 not working

I use glitch (probably ofcourse because I’m asking here haha), and I had a localhost:8080/callback link with me. I’m making a discord bot dashboard

So my localhost:8080 thing was not working after I clicked on the site. As in I had a hyperlink of the localhost:8080/callback thing in the site, but it said cannot connect.

https://swift-coherent-part.glitch.me/ ks the link. Try clicking on the dashboard thing after u go. You need to authorise and then it says site can’t be reached

Can someone tell how to make it work. Ty!

For what reason you use localhost? This is normally for local servers (who guys from the big Internet can’t reach)? If the same app is the callback receiver, try to set https://swift-coherent-part.glitch.me/callback!

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