Lock request category

On the forums, there has been some interesting topics. I think something that could help with this is a lock request category where Regulars can request a topic to be locked. This would make locking threads work more efficiently.

You mean “have been”

Not really, there have been some recently.

No, because been is the past tense of be, so you have to change has into the paste tense have.

They should make it so that regulars can change topics there and in five days that thread will be locked if no one posts, or, it gets accepted by a mod.

But the thing is, people may become busy.

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Discourse has an auto lock feature

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True, but I wouldn’t expect everyone to miss a day on the forum

I can explain why changes like this have not happened. Its really about how discourse uses trust levels:

1 -> Basic
2 -> Member
3 -> Regular (cannot lock lick threads)
4-> Leader (can lock threads)

There really is no in between here. To lock threads, regulars would need to be promoted to leaders, and I don’t blame Glitch for not doing that, well, regulars are not leaders.

@tasha tried to find an in between a while back, you can see the results of that here.

But sadly, there isn’t really a way to give non leaders leader permissions at the moment on Discourse, so that sucks. The lack of more roles is the fault of discourse.

Personally, I would create a thread on meta.discourse.org and possibly requesting such a thing there. (I would vote for it!)

It is not to lock threads, but to request it to be locked. It is to replace pinging Glitch each time a thread needs to be locked.

I disagree with the “more efficiently” part. Staff scanning some category every day is not very efficient.

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