Logged IPs from custom domain are just

I recently set up a FluxBB forum on glitch, and attached it to a custom domain (https://forum.erisws.com). However, the IPs being logged on it are logged as (localhost) server-side, preventing registration.
How would I fix this? (PHP forum)

I heard about an “X-Forwarded-For” header the last time this came up:

They were talking about some fiddliness about how to figure out which headers came from the client (i.e. not trustworthy) and which came from Glitch’s middleware, so you’ll probably have to figure that out too.

Are you using Glitch’s apache2/httpd project? The default Glitch config scrubs IPs from the logs. If you are using this project, let me know and I can walk you through how to display the x-forwarded-for header like @wh0 mentioned.

I’m not. I’m just using FluxBB. The project is public, want the link?

Sure, I can have a look.

After some time, I decided to switch the forum to Discourse on an Oracle Cloud VM (dang, Oracle Cloud is replacing everything nowadays).
Post obsolete. :frowning:

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