Login not working

Hi, the login doesn’t appear to be working. I tried github (Internal server error) password (something went wrong ) and email link (Cannot send email)

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yeah, same. Still logged in on glitch.com but not on projects.
If I try to login with Google, it tells me “Google Login Problem, Internal server error”
I’m calling bs here though since I could login here no problem with the same method.

Also the editor won’t load: “There was an error starting the editor. Maybe try to reload?”
Reload (even with deleting cache) does not help.

@Glitch staff: Please prioritise this as it literally makes you unable to do anything.

Edit: This is also concerning, if I login and go back to glitch.com, it does not know me…
“We didn’t find @mothermetroid

Edit2: Looks like the latest editor update screwed everything up. Had to delete cookies, now it works again. Guess something didn’t quite work out as it was supposed to be.

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Yep, can’t login and my profile is gone…

Projects are still running, even though we can’t edit them

clearing cookies seems to be a solution atm

First thing I tried was another browser and that let me in. Then cleared history on my main browser and it is all working again.

Hi there - it appears a recent deploy is causing issues for a few users that should be fixed if you clear your browser cache. If you clear it and it still doesn’t work, email support@glitch.com and we’ll help you out.

Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks for the report everyone, we just pushed out a fix that should log you out automatically if you end up in this state :heart:

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Thanks for your help!

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