Login that doesn't require 3rd party application

I use Glitch to teach coding to kids, and the Glitch login needs to be easier in an educational setting with public computers (which I’d imagine would be a common setting for Glitch users). Here are the reasons:

  1. Many kids who do not have Google, Facebook, or GitHub accounts. This is not unusual. The fact that these services are free does not matter, kids generally do not need these services until they are older, and sometimes parents intentionally limit these services due to internet safety concerns.

  2. Even if a kid does have one or more of these accounts, using them on a public computer is a hassle, especially for kids. For one, kids are terrible at remembering their password, and since they are using a public computer, their password is not saved in the browser. Also, most of these services require two-factor authentication when using on a public computer, which usually requires having a mobile device, which many kids do not have.

Just having a simple username/password login like what every other site does would be sufficient to solve these problems, provided it’s easy to create accounts (like an API to create accounts), and there’s no two-factor authentication or anything like that. Or an even more radical idea, make having a password optional. It’s not like my students are writing top secret code.

Glitch is a fantastic online code editor for beginners in an educational setting, but for this to really take off in the classroom, something as simple as logging in needs to be made easier.

I agree, glitch needs a username/password system. Because it’s a hassle using github to login.

You have my vote!

Local login is now available