Login to forum with google?

I think there should be an option to login with google on this forum.

i think there already is,because you can log in from the glitch site using google and go the forums from there,but if theres not you have my support!

Just to clarify, you can only login to the forum via GitHub, OP, you have my vote.


so thats it forced me to make a github account,so this feature is definitely needed

Yep, you need a GitHub account to use the forum. But that might not be the worst thing, GitHub is a useful too, I use it quite a bit.


the worst thing would be all discourse made forums having your accounts connected,which would be a nightmare

Discourse forums are federated - meaning they are not connected.


Yeah,but i’m surprised this one has you use Github instead of google to login,because Snap uses google and other logins to make your account for the forums,and its very useful for when you need to make a new account for some reason-cough-being a good irl friend-cough-

Actually when I used to go on the roblox devforums they had some kind of connection between their accounts, so they used their own api and forced it to use those account, instead of GitHub or anything.

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Yeah but i guess Github is safer to use,because Roblox accounts get hacked 24/7(i know because my roblox account got hacked before i left it)but i’d love to use a google login method

Actually it’s because people run something to get their roblosecure cookie then fetch a site and put it there, and then respond with a widget or have some kind of attack I guess

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It would mess things up. iirc there is a Glitch Profile field for accounts. That uses GitHub.

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Would be cool if there is a Glitch SSO login. So users can login with their Glitch account.


Hi everyone - just wanted let you know I just activated Google as a sign-on option here on the forum.

Just note that if you use a non-Google address for the forum right now and then use Google to sign in, it will create a whole new account for you. To prevent this, make sure your account has your Google email before you try!


oOo nice. I just used my secondary gmail to signin and it works perfectly.

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Good to hear! And thanks to y’all who post these Feature Ideas and Feedback!


Aaah, Google, here I come.

Wait do we have to disconnect our current email if its google related

If you account has your Google email set already, it should work without you changing anything. If that’s not the case, let us know (email support@glitch.com).

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